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Born in mexico city 1954, Patricio traveled between 1977 and 1988 to the wild corners of mexico, drawing and painting the indigenous peoples of his country. In 1989 he founded the Conservation Organization Sierra Madre and, three years later, the organization Unidos para la conservation.

He pioneered in mexico the involvement of business corporations in conservation initiatives.

In one part of this, beginning in the early 1990s, he organized (and personally participated in) groups of photographers tasked with visually documenting for conservation purposes many ecological regions and issues, resulting in 38 fine-art, photographic and highly informative books about wilderness and biodiversity of mexico and the world. These books, often sponsored and used by private companies, are frequently found in libraries and in the offices and homes of politicians and opinion leaders around the world.

Patricio has received numerous awards and recognitions worldwide, and has also served on the boards of several environmental organizations and agencies. In 2010 he ceased his hands-on conservation work to focus on the creative, artistic protest that he calls “The extinction rituals”.   


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